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MeanWell Drivers

We offer you the drivers of brand MeanWell, the reference in the led COB market.
Choose your driver carefully, according to the expected results and the number of COBs.

The drivers are usually available in several amperage versions. As a reminder :
1400mA: Cree CXB3590 will consume 50W
1750mA: Cree CXB3590 will consume 62-63 W
2100mA: Cree CXB3590 will consume 75W

Be careful, unless you are fond of pyrotechnic effects and barbecue, never plug a single spot on a driver! Each driver delivers at least a certain voltage. The minimum of spots to be connected will generally be between 2 and 3 depending on the model.
Likewise, never exceed 6 spots on the same driver, even if the power W is sufficient. The holders would not resist

All our MeanWell drivers are dimmable (dimmer optional)


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